Readme first

Please start with the API documentation to get a quick overview of this API.

In order to use the API in the store, you first need to create an account and make sure you are logged on.

You only have to execute the folowing steps once:

  • create an Application and generate Sandbox and/or Production keys. An Application is a collection of APIs you select along with a tier for the API.
  • Next go to the APIs page and open the API you are interested in.
  • Klick on the Signup button at the top richt corner after having selected your newly created Application and a Tier  (There is a known issue with Chrome not showing the Signup button, so please use another browser for now)


From now on your API is ready to be used.

You can first startout by using the API console for some interactive testing before you create your own client or use a client provided by us. To do this:

  • Go to the Application page an regenerate your Access token. Klick on the copy button next to it.
  • Go to the API of your choice and open the console tab.
  • Select the correct Application and Environment.
  • Paste the authentication header obtained previously in the input field
  • Start using the endpoints