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With the Blockchain Proof API it is easy to prove existence of (binary) data at a certain point in time. Behind the scenes it stores entries using the Factom (bitcoin) blockchain by means of our generic blockchain API. The flow is generally as follows: 1. Make sure a Proof chain has been created using the /chain POST endpoint beforehand. Normally you only need one or a handful of chains, during the entiry lifetime of your proof solution. This is a relative expensive operation in terms of money. 2. Store proof entries on the proof chain from step 1. The entries will contain the content and metadata you want to store forever on the specified chain. 3. Retrieve an existing entry from the chain to verify or retrieve data Interactive testing: A web based test console is available in the Sphereon API Store

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Business Owner : Sphereon BV [support@sphereon.com]

Technical Owner : Sphereon Devops Team [dev@sphereon.com]



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